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your header for tumblr app HAHAHA I can't believe you used that!! 😭😂

I thought it was so funny because you actually thought I took a picture of the moon when in reality it was the light from my brother’s phone charger across the room

Life is like a box of chocolates and you are that really good sweet chocolate in the box of life

This is……really nice

Today in a public bathroom I was waiting for a stall to open up and then one of the stalls opened and this woman walked out and for some reason she had her shirt lifted all the way up so like her bra and bare stomach and everything was just there and she literally walked out and stopped right infront of me and we were alone in the bathroom staring at eachother and we both started laughing and she was like “excuse me” then pulled her shirt down and walked away and I’m still so confused about what was going on

  • taco bell employee: how are you today?
  • me: crunchwrap supreme







this is my favorite fr


Finally found the video !

zendaya is sho cute

Mom pupusaaaas

I love how she hits every beat

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